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Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming Gifts & Fruit Baskets

Let Edible Arrangements® help you say "Welcome Home" with our hand made selection of housewarming gifts. Unique, fruity, and festive, this collection is dedicated to fresh beginnings and sweet memories. Oh and pineapple? It's a traditional symbol of welcome throughout the world, and the perfect addition to your new housewarming gift.

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New Home Gift Basket

Carefully crafted with the freshest (and most delicious) ingredients, our arrangements and Dipped Fruit™ boxes are a fun and unique take on traditional housewarming gifts. Whether you’re sending a thoughtful new home gift basket featuring a variety of fresh fruit favorites or a congratulatory gift set designed in a keepsake container, our gifts are a perfectly sweet way to celebrate a new home!

A housewarming gift is meant to bring a smile to those who have just moved into a new home. It is also meant to give them a feeling of being welcome in the new residence. We specialize in curating gift baskets which are perfect for the occasion. Every new home gift basket that we create is meant to convey a feeling of joyous welcome.

You can choose a delicious bouquet of dipped strawberries and bananas or make it one of the more fun housewarming gifts by choosing from our mouth-watering gourmet gift sets. Or you can simply get a box-full of our gourmet-curated chocolate-dipped strawberries which never fail to impress.

Unique housewarming gifts

You can certainly indulge yourself in traditional housewarming gifts but most of them tend to lack fun and creativity. Our fruit bouquets come with chocolatey delights and our gift sets pack chocolate-covered fruits of different varieties. The fruits are incredibly fresh, the chocolate 100% pure and the outlook so delightful that it tingles the taste buds at the very first sight. So if you get a new home gift basket from our collection, you will be giving the new arrivals a healthy, delicious, fun and sure-to-be-remember gift.