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Baptism Gifts

Baptism Gifts

if you’re planning a luncheon or gathering to celebrate a baptism, an Edible Arrangement makes a beautiful centerpiece and tasty appetizer. Shop here!

Baptism Gifts
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Baptism Gifts

A baptism is a joyous occasion. Whether a baby has just been christened or one of your friends is taking the leap and being baptized, the occasion should be celebrated with a suitable gift. While many baptism gifts are religious in nature, they don’t necessarily have to be. Food gifts like fresh fruit arrangements are perfect for any occasion! And if you’re planning a luncheon or gathering to celebrate a baptism, a large arrangement of fresh fruit and chocolate dipped fruit makes a beautiful centerpiece that doubles as a tasty appetizer or decadent dessert. At Edible Arrangements®, we use only the freshest, ripest fruits and real, gourmet chocolate when crafting our arrangements. And, we offer a large selection of gifts to choose from, including fruit arrangements in a variety of sizes, boxes of delicious Dipped Fruit™, and even cheerful balloons and plush teddy bears.

Baptism Gifts from Godparents

Godparents are traditionally expected to bring an elaborate gift for their godchild’s baptism, and a fresh fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements® is the perfect choice for the occasion. We have something to fit every budget and preference. You can select a large, elaborate arrangement that’s large enough to feed everyone in attendance or something a little smaller and more personal. Choose from arrangements featuring star-shaped pineapples, chocolate dipped strawberries, juicy grapes, and even Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pops for an extra-special treat. We offer arrangements that include fruit dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate as well as those with only fresh fruit, so you can choose the perfect gift that best fits the occasion.

Baptism Gifts for Adults

When an adult decides to get baptized, it’s a tremendous occasion indeed. Unlike babies and toddlers, adults often enjoy more practical gifts. Instead of the usual religious gift, choose something that will make a standout impression like a box of decadent Dipped Fruit™ from Edible Arrangements®. A box of Swizzle Berries® is a great choice, featuring the freshest strawberries, hand-dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate and decorated with an artful white Swizzle®. For a little more variety, we also offer Dipped Fruit™ boxes that feature chocolate dipped bananas, apple wedges, and strawberries. It’s the perfect way to congratulate a friend or loved one on their baptism!

Unique Baptism Gifts for Adults

While religious gifts are traditionally given for baptisms, you might want to do something unique and different to make the occasion more memorable. A tasty treat like a beautiful arrangement of juicy, fresh fruit from Edible Arrangements® is sure to impress! We offer arrangements featuring fresh fruit such as our signature pineapple daisies, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, juicy grapes, and more, as well as arrangements including mouth-watering chocolate dipped strawberries and other fruits. So, no matter your recipient’s taste, you can find something for everyone at Edible Arrangements®.

Baptism Gifts from Grandparents

Grandparents often want to celebrate a grandchild’s baptism with a meaningful gift. Of course, most people attending the baptism are likely to give religious gifts. To stand out, consider a delicious treat from Edible Arrangements®. You can select an arrangement of fresh fruits, hand-dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate or a box of our renowned chocolate dipped strawberries. If you aren’t sure which one to pick, we even offer gift bundles that feature both! You can also select a gift bundle that comes paired with cheerful balloons or even a cuddly plush teddy bear for a complete gift that’s truly memorable.

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