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Edible Donut
Edible Tip
fresh donuts, reimagined
Made with crisp, juicy
donut-shaped Granny Smith
apple slices hand-dipped in
real, gourmet chocolate, our
edible® donuts redefine what
it means to enjoy a freshly
made treat.
Edible Donut
the ultimate
grab-and-go treat
Each edible® donut is carefully
hand-crafted by a Fruit Expert®
at a locally owned store right in
your neighborhood.
Edible Tip
the makings of
an edible® donut
This indulgent treat is proof of
our commitment to using only
the most delicious ingredients.
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crisp, refreshing donut-shaped
slices of granny smith apple

crisp, refreshing donut-shaped
slices of granny smith apple

real, melt-in-your-mouth
semisweet chocolate

colorful gourmet chocolate
glaze for added indulgence

a finishing touch of sprinkles

coconut shavings

caramelized hazelnut crunch

Edible Donuts
1,000s of edible® donuts
are made fresh daily.
Try this delicious treat today!

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a sweet treat
for yourself
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someone else
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