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Dipped Fruit™ Cookout Delight Shown: 16 Piece
Product Code: 5143

Dipped Fruit Cookout Delight

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16 Piece $55.00 8 Piece $45.00


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Perfect for backyard barbecues, summertime snacks, and a variety of special occasions, our Dipped Fruit™ Cookout Delight is a WOW-worthy gift that everyone will enjoy! This irresistibly fresh summer treat features our NEW Sizzlin' Grill Keepsake™ filled with chocolate dipped flames, apple wedges, bananas, and strawberries – all decorated with colorful Swizzle®! Whether you're sending it as a gift or entertaining at a warm weather get-together, this delicious delight is exactly what you need to celebrate in style!

Grill is for decorative purposes only. Do not attempt to use for grilling.
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