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Grocery Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Edible Arrangements offers easy-to-use, convenient grocery delivery services. From boxes of fresh fruits & produce to snack bundles, meal kits & more. Shop today!

Grocery Delivery
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Grocery Delivery

More families and individual consumers are turning to grocery delivery services than ever before. Whether out of necessity or convenience, grocery delivery is a time-saving service that practically everyone can take advantage of these days. Edible Arrangements® offers easy-to-use, convenient grocery delivery services including everything from boxes of fresh fruits and produce to snack bundles, meal kits, smoothie kits, veggie platters, and fun options like chocolate fondue dipping kits to make dining at home both simple and fun.

Order Groceries Online

It’s becoming increasingly popular to order groceries online. It saves you the hassle of driving to the store and loading up your car only to have to unload everything and put it away when you get home. Order groceries online from Edible Arrangements® to have fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks, and more delivered straight to your door. That means you don’t have to spend hours methodically moving through every aisle of the grocery store to get what you need – we’ll deliver it right to you!

Local Grocery Delivery Services

More shoppers are taking advantage of local grocery delivery services to save themselves the hassle of grocery shopping at a physical store, waiting in long lines to check out, and loading and unloading bag after bag of groceries to get them home and put away. When you order groceries online from Edible Arrangements®, you’ll get the freshest, finest quality fruits and vegetables you’ve come to expect from us. We’re meticulous about quality, carefully selecting only the finest produce to ensure it arrives on your doorstep at peak freshness. From meal kits to smoothie kits, supplies for a fun evening spent with friends and loved ones like our amazing chocolate fondue dipping kits, boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh veggie platters with dip, and more, you can get it all at Edible Arrangements®.

Grocery Delivery Near Me

Looking for grocery delivery near you? Edible Arrangements® has more than 1,200 store locations worldwide and offers convenient delivery services for everything from mouth-watering gifts to essential groceries like boxes of fresh fruits and veggies. New Edible® Store locations are coming soon, too, so it’s easy to find grocery delivery near you when you shop with Edible Arrangements® for your grocery delivery needs. Choose from meal kits, smoothie kits, boxes packed with assorted fresh fruits and wholesome vegetables, done-for-you desserts, and more.

Convenient Grocery Delivery Services

Whether you’re shopping for easy to use meal kits, kits for making delicious smoothies at home, whole ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables, kid-friendly snacks, decadent desserts, or kits with all the supplies you need for an evening of fun, such as our chocolate fondue dipping kits, Edible Arrangements® is a one-stop shop for convenient grocery delivery services. Get a box packed with fresh produce like carrots, whole apples, oranges, bananas, fresh grapes, and more, or opt for a box filled with fresh fruits that comes with a box of decadent chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped apple wedges, and banana bites dipped in white and semisweet chocolate to satisfy a craving for sweets. Take advantage of our convenient grocery delivery services to get all the essentials delivered straight to your door!

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