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Last Minute 5 Year Anniversary Gifts | Edible Arrangements

Last Minute 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

Last Minute 5 Year Anniversary Gifts
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Last Minute 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

Five years go by in the blink of an eye, and finding the right gift for your anniversary is only more difficult with time. With Edible Arrangements®, though, you’re sure to find a mouth-watering gift that makes your loved one feel appreciated. And if it just happens to be last minute, with same day delivery and next day delivery options, your secret is safe with us. Choose from apple wedges, cheesecakes, grapes, cookies, and so much more to give your significant other the same sweetness that your life together makes.

Last Minute 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you’re looking to give a gift that actually serves a genuine purpose, then consider a fruit bouquet with pineapples and strawberries dipped in chocolate that will provide her succulent sustenance – she'll still feel spoiled, but she’ll also get an assortment of mouth-watering treats that she can savor with every bite. The classically beautiful containers can be reused, and you can pick themed boxes that let her know you’ve chosen it just for her. Can’t decide? Opt for a gift bundle that includes a fruit arrangement paired with a box of decadent chocolate dipped fruits, fresh-baked desserts, or even a delightful bouquet of fresh-cut blooms for a complete gift she’ll love.

Last Minute 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

When you want your guy to feel like you’ve picked something special just for him, there’s no better way than to customize it. Edible Arrangements® gives you that option with Edible® , Your Way. He may not love all the DIY projects you do, but your effort picking each of his favorite fruits and having them dipped, drizzled, or topped with scrumptious toppings is sure to be appreciated. Choose a box of delectable desserts like mini cheesecakes or scrumptious brownies, or opt for a box of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate dipped fruits. You can even choose a gift bundle with a variety of sweet treats like gourmet popcorn from Maddy & Maize™, chocolate confections from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and so much more.

Romantic Last Minute 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

Romance last-minute, you ask? Edible Arrangements® provides! When you’re speaking of romantic foods, there are few treats that top chocolate covered strawberries. We’ve gone above and beyond to master that confection, though. How about strawberries dipped in chocolate placed atop decadent cheesecakes to kick the romance up a notch? And because we know some anniversaries just aren’t the same without tradition, you can’t miss the FruitFlowers® that are sure to make your significant other feel cherished.

Last Minute 5 Year Anniversary Gifts Delivered

Making your significant other is always possible with Edible Arrangements®. Even for couples who are spending the anniversary apart, you are always just a few clicks away from giving your spouse the indulgent treat of carefully selected fruits and chocolate. For those who are close by, though, it may be better appreciated if you hand-deliver the tasty offering. Luckily, Edible Arrangements® has over 1,000 stores worldwide, so for last-minute shoppers in many areas, grabbing a platter, box, or bouquet of juicy creations is easy.

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