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Madhu Chocolate

Madhu Chocolate

Madhu Chocolate specializes in ethically sourced exotic gourmet chocolate bars, gift bundles and treats inspired by Indian flavors. Shop today!

Madhu Chocolate
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Madhu Chocolate

Featuring hand-crafted Indian-inspired chocolate, Madhu Chocolate first began in the founders’ kitchen in Austin, TX as they experimented by combining their favorite Indian flavors with decadent chocolate. The company, named after the mother of one of the founders, now offers an incredible selection of totally unique, Indian-inspired treats that take chocolate to a whole new level.

Madhu Chocolate: Inspired by Traditional Indian Cuisine

Founders Harshit Gupta and Elliott Curelop were chocolate lovers inspired by the traditional Indian cuisine they know and love, so why not combine the two? They began experimenting with flavor combinations in their Austin, TX kitchen, and soon Madhu Chocolate was born. They named the company after Harshit’s mother, Madha, which also happens to mean “sweet” or “honey” in Hindi. Madhu is the inspiration behind many of Madhu Chocolate’s treats. A wonderful cook, Madhu was always creating inventive recipes, leading Harshit to develop a passion for food that he’d maintain throughout his life. Today, Madhu Chocolate makes a variety of Indian-inspired chocolate bars with unique flavors such as Vanilla Fennel, Orange Clove, and Cardamom Dark, all packaged in beautiful prints inspired by Indian textiles.

Unique Indian-Inspired Chocolate Treats

Madhu Chocolate offers a variety of decadent chocolate bars with flavors including Idukki Black Pepper, Masala Peanut, Saffron Milk, Rose Pistachio Dark, Coconut Milk Cashew, Masala Chai Dark, Cardamom Dark, Orange Clove, Pure Dark, Vanilla Fennel, Lemon Coriander Dark, and Dark Rose, in addition to hot cocoa kits, gift boxes featuring Masala Chai candy bars and a Masala Chai blend, complete with a mug and a tea strainer. Madhu Chocolate also offers delicious hot cocoa mix in Orange Blossom and Roasted Almond flavors, as well as containers of Masala Chai and Cacao Nibs so you can create flavorful beverages at home. Edible Arrangements® has partnered with Madhu Chocolate to bring these exquisite and unique chocolate treats to you through the Edible Marketplace. Choose your favorite Madhu Chocolate bar, opt for a gift box for the hot chocolate lover or chai tea lover in your life, or choose a gift bundle featuring Madhu Chocolate bars along with other delectable treats like chocolate dipped fruits, gourmet desserts, and more. Madhu Chocolate’s unique flavor combinations are sure to wow, no matter the occasion.

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