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Fresh & Delicious Passover Fruit Bouquets and Gifts

Sweeten your Passover celebrations with an arrangement crafted with the freshest fruit and real, gourmet chocolate! Featuring Star of David-shaped pineapple and a variety of delicious flavors, these gifts will WOW your guests as the perfect Passover Seder centerpiece and dessert! Please note that the products offered below may not be made in a typical Passover kitchen environment.

Passover (Apr. 15 - Apr. 23)
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Passover Seder Centerpieces

For your Seder meal, your family and guests deserve a magnificent centerpiece. After all, the occasion only happens once a year, so you want to put your best foot forward. If you want a beautiful, unique centerpiece for your table this year, then look no further than Edible Arrangements®. We offer many arrangements in varying sizes, so you can choose the perfect size that fits your table and guest list best. You can choose a beautiful arrangement featuring Star of David shaped pineapples or one of our many seasonal designs.

Passover Gifts for Hostess

If you’re invited to a Seder meal, it is often appropriate to bring a gift for the hostess. This is usually something that is going to be consumed with the meal. While some families might plan out who is bringing what ahead of time, others do not. If you’re looking for something to bring, you might want to consider a beautiful arrangement from Edible Arrangements®. All of our arrangements are handcrafted using only the freshest fruits, and many of our stores are Kosher certified, so you can be sure the gift will be appropriate for the occasion.

Passover Gifts for Kids

Kids traditionally receive gifts on Passover. Usually, this gift consists of a small piece of candy or a coin. Despite this, many families are looking for healthier options, and what’s healthier (and more kid-friendly) than fresh fruit? Our boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries are perfect for Passover. Each strawberry is small enough to make a suitable gift for a child while also being delicious and enticing. Your kids will love the sweet taste of the strawberry, and you’ll love that it’s healthier than a bar of chocolate. Start a new tradition this year with tasty treats from Edible Arrangements®.

Passover Gifts for Children

If you’re looking for something with a bit more variety, consider a box of decadent chocolate Dipped Fruit™. From strawberries to apple wedges to bananas, our Dipped Fruit™ boxes are a wonderful way to try something new or accommodate the unique tastes of several children. Our fruit arrangements also make a wonderful gift for children. They can double as a centerpiece and then can easily be broken up and given as small gifts. Many of our arrangements come with a variety of different fruits, some of which are dipped in chocolate, giving each child the opportunity to choose which tasty piece of fruit they would like.

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