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Pulp Pantry

Pulp Pantry

On a mission to end food waste, Pulp Pantry uniquely uses vegetable juice pulp to create delicious veggie chips! Shop Pulp Pantry at Edible Marketplace today!

Pulp Pantry
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Pulp Pantry

Pulp Pantry is taking a stand to eliminate food waste by using their favorite ingredient, fresh fruit and vegetable juice pulp, to make a delicious assortment of sustainable snacks. Their innovative Pulp Chips are available in several incredible flavors like Spicy Barbecue, Salt ‘n’ Vinegar, Jalapeño Lime, and Sea Salt – there’s a flavor everyone will enjoy! These crunchy and flavorful veggie chips are grain-free and made with simple, nutritious ingredients for a wholesome yet incredibly crave-worthy snack.

Pulp Pantry: Taking Sustainable Snacking to the Next Level

Pulp Pantry is on a mission to end food waste by turning fresh fruit and vegetable juice pulp into crunchy, delicious veggie chips that are wholesome yet incredibly flavorful. Sourcing organic fruit and vegetable pulp from multiple vendors such as Suja, Project Juice, Juice Farm, and Made with Love Wellness, the company produces tasty veggie chips in small batches using organic ingredients as much as possible. The chips are gluten-free and produced in a gluten-free, plant-based manufacturing facility. While not yet Kosher-certified, Pulp Pantry uses all Kosher-certified ingredients to produce its irresistible, crunchy snacks. Fruit and vegetable pulp contains an estimated 95% of the fiber, two-thirds less sugar, and half the nutrients of whole fruits and vegetables, and that means Pulp Pantry’s chips are nutrient-dense, fiber-rich treats that you can enjoy as part of your healthy lifestyle. For every pound of pulp saved, Pulp Pantry also prevents 38 gallons of water from going to waste, making these scrumptious chips an ideal treat for anyone committed to a sustainable lifestyle. The company also goes to great lengths to package their product in the smallest, thinnest packaging possible to minimize waste. One of the first companies to earn a Plastic Neutral Certification in partnership with repurpose Global, Pulp Pantry funds recycling programs to remove an equivalent amount of plastic from the environment for every ounce of plastic the company produces.

Pulp Pantry Creates Sensational Sustainable Snacks

With four incredible flavors you’ll crave, Pulp Pantry’s sustainable veggie chips are totally irresistible. If you’re trying to replace your usual unhealthy snacks with more wholesome, nutrient-dense options, Pulp Chips are an ideal option to replace your typical potato chips. They have less carbs than potato chips or tortilla chips and more fiber than kale chips. Plus, they’re gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, and non-GMO. Try all four flavors, including Spicy Barbecue, Salt ‘n’ Vinegar, Jalapeño Lime, and Sea Salt, in a variety pack to discover your favorite, or choose your favorite flavor from the Edible Marketplace along with your other favorite wholesome snacks for convenient home delivery. Packed with fiber, plant-based, nutrient-dense, and made with as many organic ingredients as possible, Pulp Chips are a tasty snack you can actually feel good about eating.

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