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Small Gifts for Women

Small Gifts for Women

Edible Arrangements offers an extensive collection of delicious fruit arrangements and boxes in small to large sizes to the women in your life appreciation. Shop here!

Small Gifts for Women
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Small Gifts for Women

Whether you’re buying a gift for a friend or loved one, sometimes, a small gift is more appropriate for the occasion. You might be on a budget, or you might simply be looking for a small gift to let her know you’re thinking of her, a gift to say thanks, or simply just because. At Edible Arrangements®, we offer an extensive collection of delicious gifts including fruit arrangements in several sizes, boxes of Dipped Fruit™, and other small gifts suitable for any occasion.

Inexpensive Gifts for a Ladies Group

When you’re buying gifts for a group of women, it’s easy to go over budget. At Edible Arrangements®, it’s easy to find small gifts that won’t break the budget but are sure to leave their hearts full. Choose a bundle of miniature Dipped Fruit™ boxes featuring our classic chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped apple wedges, and banana bites dipped in white and semisweet chocolate. Or, choose a box of chocolate caramel covered apples. They’re individually wrapped, making them perfect as small thank you gifts or holiday gifts for a group of your favorite ladies.

Inexpensive Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a great gift for a woman who seems to already have everything she could possibly want. Choose a small fruit arrangement featuring heart-shaped pineapples, our signature pineapple daisies, fresh strawberries, and other fruit favorites. It’s all carefully arranged in a keepsake container she can cherish for years to come. Or, choose a box of our classic chocolate dipped strawberries topped with a decorative white Swizzle® for an added touch of flair or a box of semisweet chocolate and white chocolate dipped strawberries for an exquisite blend of flavors she’ll love.

Gift Ideas Under $30 for Women

Looking for great gift ideas for a special woman under $30? Choose an arrangement topped with one of our amazing Edible® Donuts. A donut-shaped Granny Smith apple slice dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate and decorated with colorful glaze and sprinkles, it’s an extra-special touch that will make her feel loved without breaking your budget. Send her a whole box of our delectable Edible® Donuts or an assortment of delicious cheesecakes topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate Dipped Fruit™, or signature chocolate. She’ll never guess you spent less than $30 on a gift that looks – and tastes – so amazing!

Small Gifts for Women Delivered

Want to have a great gift delivered to a special woman across the miles, but don’t have the budget for an extravagant gift plus delivery charges? Few things in life are sweeter than an unexpected delivery of a mouth-watering fruit arrangement or a box of decadent chocolate Dipped Fruit™. Pair it with a cheerful balloon to really make her day. We offer convenient delivery options and carefully hand-craft every gift shortly before delivery, so you can be confident it will arrive on her doorstep at the peak of freshness, ready for her to enjoy right away!

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