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White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Edible Arrangements offers an array of gift baskets & more featuring white chocolate covered strawberries. Shop our dessert & fruit collections today!

White Chocolate Covered Strawberries
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White Chocolate Strawberries

By choosing white chocolate strawberries from Edible Arrangements®, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve chosen a treat made with the freshest, finest quality ingredients. Not only are the berries always fresh and juicy, but the combination with that premium white chocolate is sure to brighten any day.

The Best White Chocolate Strawberries

If you think Edible Arrangements® does semisweet chocolate covered strawberries well, just wait until you taste our white chocolate dipped strawberries. The luscious berries are hand-dipped in a rich white chocolate that is the very epitome of yummy decadence. If you’re a traditional sort, but simply prefer white chocolate to semisweet then you’ll find a conventional box of white chocolate dipped strawberries the perfect complement to your day. After all, when you’re buying the very best, all the extras just aren’t necessary to send your tastebuds to the moon and back. Choose a themed or seasonal box to boost the relevance to your day.

White Chocolate Strawberry Gifts

When you give the gift of white chocolate strawberries from Edible Arrangements®, you’re setting the bar pretty high for your future gift-giving. Lucky for you, these classics will be here for you every year and starting a tradition that requires so little work – simply a few clicks and the gift is done. That’s the kind of tradition we can get behind! If you want to customize your gift a bit more, explore our Edible®, Your Way collection and choose from a wide variety of toppings like hazelnut crunch or shredded coconut to customize a gift that includes everything you want with nothing you don’t. These mouth-watering white chocolate strawberries are an excellent gift that any recipient will love – and if you’re giving the gift to yourself, don’t worry, we won’t tell.

White Chocolate Strawberry Arrangements

You’ll love the beauty of fruit bouquets and fruit platters from Edible Arrangements®. Choose an arrangement featuring confetti cake batter strawberries that’s not just gorgeous, but spectacularly tempting, too. The white chocolate covering these delicious morsels is made by blending in cake batter flavor and topping with confetti to recreate your favorite cake flavor with succulent strawberries. These tasty treats are sure to exceed your aesthetic expectations, and the taste is one that you’ll be thinking about for weeks to come. If you’re looking for a little something more, then consider sending a stunning floral arrangement featuring fresh-cut premium blooms, as well.

White Chocolate Strawberries Delivered

If you’re worried about whether you have time for delivery, Edible Arrangements® takes the pressure off with a selection of gifts available for same day delivery or next day delivery. You’ll still have plenty of options and if you’re game for variety, this may be the perfect opportunity to get your white chocolate covered strawberries bundled with indulgent mini cheesecakes or fresh-baked cookies. If delivery doesn’t work for your needs, stop by one of over 1,000 Edible® Store locations worldwide. You’ll be able to swing by on your way to hand deliver a gift of mouth-watering white chocolate strawberries, making gift-giving easy and stress-free.

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